We at Zealina stands for a good work culture and a great work-life balance. We Zealinains are self-motivated and continuously encouraged to work as a team and bring the best outcomes in every steps we take. The key qualities that differentiate us are trust, respect, accountability, adaptability, result orientation, teamwork, seamless communication, learning opportunities and so on. Zealina (Zeal – in – us) gets its name from the Latin word Zeal which means great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective. We Zealinains’ are passionate about what we do. With a nimble approach and a team of bright minds with passion, we are dedicated for Impelling Haleness.

Zealina Life Sciences seeks to enhance its enterprise value in a sustainable manner through its business activities and maintain the trust of health care professionals, shareholders, employees, and the community. Zealina Group’s business philosophy (vision, mission, and beliefs) is in concrete terms of specific business conduct, and gives clarity to our business partners, customers, and society on how we will conduct ourselves in our activities.


Impelling Haleness through the provision of innovative and reliable pharmaceutical products by un tapping the potential of life sciences , tacking new challenges and creating innovative , quality pharmaceuticals products along with accurate information and retain solid credibility among customers.


Sustainable enhancement of enterprise values by being the first choice among its customers, health care professionals, employees and community.


Our beliefs are our code of conduct that are High Sense of Ethics, Customer Focus, Creativity and Competitive Focus. Zealina promises to perform its obligations by acting ethically and seeking to actively disclose information.